*Letting Go*

Sitting at the edge of the water at the beach, I surrender to the force of nature and let the *waves* crash over my body. 



This is life …. This is LIFE. Just let go and be free. Don’t try to control the waves. Some say, “No, I want this one to crash over me or that one.” Some try to CONTROL the current, thinking that they actually have this kind of power. Life is so much easier when you just surrender, let go and go along for the ride. 


Do you notice how much easier things go in your life when you LET GO and stop trying to control situations? We all try to control things in life because we are scared out of our minds that things will change, move, be different. The more we try to RESIST life, the harder your journey will be. It doesn’t have to be like this. 


What you resist, persists!


Learn to switch from analytical, thinking mode to FEELING from your heart. This is a very rare thing to do in our current society that stresses DOING /ACHIEVING and not BEING. When you drop into your being and let go, everything in life opens up to you. You are the waves crashing endlessly on the shore, the birds flying overhead, the sun setting and rising every morning and every night. You become ONE with the natural cycles of the *Universe*. 


All feelings of CONTROL are rooted in FEAR and fear is a LIAR. We get obsessed with the OUTCOME in life and live day to day having expectations of people and situations. We hope things will work out perfectly for us in specific, detail-oriented ways. But you know what this is doing? This mindset is blocking you from the endless possibilities that could unfold in your lives if you learned to let go and surrender to the infinite possibilities that are available to someone in FLOW with the Universe. 


Think about how you FEEL when  you are trying to control everything …. Your heart may be racing, your muscles constricted your breathing shallow. Now lets switch gears to the body language of surrender and letting go … You are *relaxed*, you breathing is deeper and you are connected to your body and heart. 


Trying to control things eventually makes you feel LESS in control and you end up losing precious energy that you could be using to be in FLOW. 


An meditation exercise for letting go:










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