The *PULSE* of Fear by KTR


My mind is cluttered with fears, anxieties that run rampant like a horse spooked by an unknown force

Crawling within my soul, these fears form tangled nests of pain

I cry out, but no sound is heard

My voice is weak and frail, as if never given the chance to speak

I feel the burden of these anxieties filling out and giving shape to the person I have become

This is not me, I cry

I don’t recognize her; I shield my eyes

I was born in radiant love. I was born free  & fearless

This was never who I was supposed to become

My heart beats fast, my palms sweat

Fear, fear, fear sneakily pulses with my heart, like an enemy that has feigned friendship in order to get its way

I feel like fleeing, like running because that is all I know

But I keep running in circles, with no destination in mind

As a last resort, I knock on the door where my soul hides

Come out and reveal yourself, I cry

A voice arises; this voice has depth & clarity

A deeper knowing that at once comforts me, like an old friend

This voice is not stained by the fear that has left me cold

She has been hiding, locked deep within my being, holding the code to a combination that once seemed unbreakable

You are much more than these fears, she whispers in my ear

Your fears are but mere illusions, clouding over your perception

A trick of the mind

You are flecks of the universe, twinkling like the stars

Peel back the layers that the world has laid upon you

Remember your truth

Sit with yourself in the empty space of silence

And you will remember

The beautiful self that knows no limitations, is fearless

Cleanse your consciousness & believe

Love is the absence of fear, she says

My heart slows and my mind shifts from tumultuous seas to tranquility

A giant wave washes over me and swallows up the pain, the hurt, the darkness

I am reborn, the phoenix out of the ashes

She rocks me gently into a deeper knowing

I smile into my dreams




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