Shifting *Perspective*


Do you remember those 3-D books that were popular when we were kids? Well, in order to see the mysterious pop-out image, you had to learn to shift your eyes in order to truly See. I remember spending hours and hours desperately trying to unlock the secret image from the fuzziness of the bright colors and shapes that made no sense from this perspective. After many days of doing this, something changed and the normal reality (or the fuzzy picture) became *Magical* and I was finally able to See the secret image that had been hidden. It was as if I had tapped into some secret dimension and broken the code.  

How can we apply this concept to Life? Many of us go through our days only seeing the fuzzy reality that we believe to be the Truth or all that is. You have to dig deeper, have patience and understand that there is much more than the *EYE* can see. There are always hidden doorways, hidden truths, layers to people and experiences, catch 22’s and silver linings. You have to eliminate and rip open the blinders that have been skewing your perspective for years.

What if we could shift our perspective, adjust our eyes and see a new *Greatness* in the depth of Self which would in turn cast a new light onto the monotony of everyday reality? 





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