Русская матрешка (Russian Nesting Dolls)


“We’re every age at once and tucked inside ourselves like Russian Nesting Dolls.” (Watsky, Tiny Glowing Screens)

We all have many parts to ourselves, each representing a different piece to the puzzle.

Sometimes the littler one comes out and wants to play, do a somersault and be free in the magic of childhood.

Sometimes the bigger one comes out and takes control, like the strong presence that it was inherently born to be.

Different environments bring out a variety of  sizes, personalities and character traits.

Be gentle with yourself and notice the *PATTERNS*.

The goal is not to get rid of any of these parts but to LOVE them each fully in their individual glory.

They are all hidden within you coming out unexpectedly and embarrassingly at times.

Don’t let your adult persona fool you into thinking that all those younger,  innocent and vulnerable  parts of yourself have disappeared into oblivion. You haven’t grown out of them, you have just added new layers to yourself.  They are still a part of who you are today.

Be ready, be open. The sum of the parts carry the whole. Each takes care of the other, like a  tight-knit family. Embrace them lovingly and fully, for they are  slices of your illustrious soul.


Love, *Katherine*


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