Monthly Archives: September 2014

Music, my drug, my ecstasy ….

Rhythms, Repetitions, Repetitions


Rhythmical, Beat, beat, pulsating, pounding, tempo, cadence,

meter, reverberations, reverberations*******

undulating, oscillating, swaying, rocking to sleep

over and over and over

these Sounds

that capture your *hEART*

and lock you into the deeper Meaning, interpretations, subtle nuances …

to the abyss of divine order, cosmic elements swirling together to form atoms of meaninglessness

particles of Light

lock your essence in to the twinkling vibrations of the ***STARS

to the humming of the Planets

We all are vibrating to similar themes and variations

We are all woven together by stardust

We all yearn to resonate within multidimensional frequencies, coming together as One

We all subsist on the Heartbeat of the divine

Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub, lub dub

Listen, listen carefully

Open up every compartment of your being

There is a deeper message

Let go, Surrender, release attachments

There is a deeper message ….

Just close your *EYES*

Feel the electricity in your Heart

and hop onto the rhythmic train to the Stars *********  -KRob

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