Your Mind is like a *Garden* …..

Do you want it to look like this?Image

Or, like this?

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You choose! *Cultivate* that beautiful mind of yours through daily habits and discipline that are going to serve your future Self in a beautiful way. Your mind is the environment that you are exposed to on a daily basis. How do you feel in this environment? Are your thoughts feeding your garden like fertilizer or killing your plants like toxic pesticides? Do others want to come spend time in your garden or are they running in the opposite direction, like a bat out of hell?

It’s all up to you and how YOU choose to live your life!

What’s one thing you can do today to plant the seeds and pull out the weeds?



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“Don’t go outside your house to see the flowers. My friend, don’t bother with that excursion. Inside your body there are flowers. One flower has a thousand petals. That will do for a place to sit. Sitting there you will have a glimpse of beauty inside the body and out of it, before gardens and after gardens.” -Kabir



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Shifting *Perspective*


Do you remember those 3-D books that were popular when we were kids? Well, in order to see the mysterious pop-out image, you had to learn to shift your eyes in order to truly See. I remember spending hours and hours desperately trying to unlock the secret image from the fuzziness of the bright colors and shapes that made no sense from this perspective. After many days of doing this, something changed and the normal reality (or the fuzzy picture) became *Magical* and I was finally able to See the secret image that had been hidden. It was as if I had tapped into some secret dimension and broken the code.  

How can we apply this concept to Life? Many of us go through our days only seeing the fuzzy reality that we believe to be the Truth or all that is. You have to dig deeper, have patience and understand that there is much more than the *EYE* can see. There are always hidden doorways, hidden truths, layers to people and experiences, catch 22’s and silver linings. You have to eliminate and rip open the blinders that have been skewing your perspective for years.

What if we could shift our perspective, adjust our eyes and see a new *Greatness* in the depth of Self which would in turn cast a new light onto the monotony of everyday reality? 





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*Inner Path* or *Outer Path*? (Thank you Sabrina!)



We have to decide if we are going to stay focused on the inner path of our OWN soul’s salvation or detour ourselves on the outer path of projection, denial, victimization, why’s and what if’s ~ which will only create soul confusion and a leaking of our power/energy and keep us from creating the life of OUR dreams.

OUTER PATH: (ego separation) Well what about those people? Why do they have more than I do? Why do I have more than they do? Why do I have a happy life and they don’t? Why do people have cancer, go through abuse, get murdered? Why does God make people suffer?

INNER PATH: (Unity of the Soul) I am a co-creator of my own life. I am here to learn and expand my soul through all of my experiences ~ both negative and positive. I know that I can not change people outside of myself…..only “the self” can create change…. although I can inspire others to create change within themselves through MY example. I allow others to be themselves, and I set myself free ~ I allow myself to be myself and I set myself free. I know that God does not create suffering…..humans create suffering, and we are each responsible for the suffering within our own lives. No one is a victim, including myself. We all have god power within ourselves to create the lives we have come here to create, and it is not my responsibility to understand, control or try to alter other people’s soul contracts. I am responsible for understanding my OWN soul contracts, and to do the best I can to advance my soul into greater states of LOVE and connection with Source, The Earth and all living beings. I recognize that we are ALL divine extensions, of the Creator Of All That Is ~ with each one of us learning, expanding and balancing our energy in a variety of diverse ways. By being LOVE I give myself and others the freedom and the respect to learn and create, however they choose, even if I feel it is not for the highest good. I understand that some of our greatest lessons are learned through our mistakes, and our greatest task is to accept responsibility for our mistakes so we can transcend the energetic imprint/karma of that mistake ~ expanding our consciousness and evolving our being ~ so we will never do it again.

The inner path is the spiritual path. The spiritual path is the healing path. The healing path is the inner path that helps us heal any distortions that block us from the free flowing energies of our Spiritual Being/Higher Self/God Self. If we stay focused on the outer path, our energy will be focused externally of ourselves, and we will not be able to heal the things within our own being that need to be healed. Our energy will be divided, because we will be focused on everyone and everything outside of us that is not “light”, which is really just a reflection of our inner being and the things within us that are not “light”. 

This is how the ego works ~ it is our inner opponent ~ that will keep us from seeking the kingdom within. It keeps our mind focused on everything outside of us in the world of duality…right/wrong, good/bad, better/worse ~ instead of just seeing things the way they are ~ learning experiences for every soul to help the soul evolve into greater more expansive states of Love and Light.

When we allow ourselves to stay focused on the inner path, we remain aligned with our soul’s center and we have the extra energy and wisdom to evolve our being into greater states of LIGHT. Everyone else’s soul lessons and learning opportunities are between the individual soul and God. Our soul contracts and lessons are put in place based on the level of the soul’s advancement, how much the soul wants to learn from this particular incarnation and it is also representative of how much karma (energy balance) the soul would like to heal. 

Inner path or outer path? This is a question we need to ask ourselves everyday……

~ Sabrina




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“Sadness gives depth. Happiness gives height. Sadness gives roots. Happiness gives branches. Happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously. The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots. In fact, it is always in proportion. That’s its balance.” 
― OshoEveryday Osho: 365 Daily Meditations for the Here and NowImage

*Doing versus Being*


white black * yin yang

life death *happy sad

opposites attract

and shine light through the illusion

for one cannot exist without the other

their paradoxical worlds coming together in an embrace

carving beauty and understanding into our everyday lives

without the darkness, we wouldn’t see the stars *****

illuminating the sky so brightly

revealing hidden truths … – KTR

In my meditation tonight, I had some interesting insights regarding the black, grey and white zones in life. The *black zone* involves the state when one is highly productive and experiencing a lot of output. Like a highly functioning machine, this state is perfect for those times when you need to be producing but needs to be balanced out in order to get the full effect. The *grey zone* is an area that you want to avoid at all costs because it doesn’t have much benefit for you in the long-term. A lot of worrying, obsessing and fingernail biting happens in this area and takes you a few steps backwards on the game board of life. As Erma Bombeck said so eloquently,  “Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.”  The *white zone* represents  a more relaxed, tranquil state that allows you to access a different area of consciousness and creativity. When you are in the white, your alpha waves increase in the brain, leaving you more susceptible to a deeper connection with yourself.

In Life, we should aim to oscillate between the black and white states to create balance and  harmony in our lives. I was talking with some friends of mine who seem to find themselves flourishing in the black zone but have a difficult time transitioning into the white. This got me thinking about Western society and our incessant need to do, do, do!  I believe that there are two separate intelligences coming from different parts of the brain. The left brain, as we all have heard,  is very analytical and logical (usually the majority of the black in many cases) and the right brain,  is more creative, flowing, interconnected (usually more in the white zone, the ability to let go, meditate, connect). Our society *stresses* the intelligence and high powered doing of the left brain BUT older schools of thought, dating back to ancient cultures (usually Spiritual in nature) were more about being connected to the land, nature and their community. This resulted in an all powerful perspective and awareness about life. There was a  beautiful balance and harmony between the left and right brains spheres . I believe that our right brain cries out to us to meditate, relax and sit in our beings to uncover different types of answers; a unique knowing that lies buried deeply in our cells DNA … These answers don’t come from doing or overachieving, they come from just *BEING* and transitioning into a calmer, less anxious state. Unfortunately, this is not stressed as important in our society but is a powerful practice that will lead us down the path to even more Greatness.

It’s the balance of the two intelligences that really aligns you with universal power. Being in the white and accessing your higher consciousness should’t be viewed as a difficult or strenuous task.  It’s merely an act of LETTING GO, relaxing, and giving ourselves the gift of *down time*. These activities are often equated with laziness and/or guilt because accomplishing is no longer involved.  But we are going by our society’s definition of “accomplishment”. When we dig deep within ourselves like emotional archaeology and peel off the layers to our *true inherent being*, we give birth to a deeper knowing and a greater Awareness. This in turn sets us free and unleashes our psyche into Terence Mckenna’s highly praised “featherbed”. This is a major accomplishment and will open many hidden doors of perception ….

Try to be aware of your black, grey and white zones this week. Where are you spending most of your time? Are you stuck in worrisome thinking that is imprisoning you in fear and preventing you from taking steps towards your goals?  Try to balance out the  *DOING DOING DOING* with *BEING BEING BEING* … get lost in the moment, do some creative activities, be playful, … allow your inner child to come out, watch the moon rise, the sun set,  the clouds pass by, calm your mind and connect to your heart. Balance out the seesaw and see it as giving this deeper, all powerful *white zone Self* a chance! It has many secrets to tell you …

I will leave you with a wonderful video by Jon Kabat-Zinn. In this video, he explains the beauty of meditation and awareness to a group at Google. He stresses how vital it is to “drop into your being” on a daily basis. I highly recommend watching this throughout your week!


Much Love,


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