* Trust, Trust, Believe, Act, Repeat *


Do not narrowly follow the path of others or do something just because somebody told you it would be a good idea.

You are *UNIQUE* – nobody else has ever or will ever exist with your unusual combination of genes, heart cells or illustrious Soul.

If you are unsure about who you are or where you’re going, STOP the movie, step back and *PULL IN* to find out everything you can about the *gift* that you are. You owe this to yourself.

Connect to your heart and *REALLY LISTEN*. Turn down all the white noise, distractions, negative thinking and tune in.

Stop hiding from your beautiful, immortal self. There’s no need to be afraid. For fear only constricts what is omnipotent in your Soul.

You came here for a reason. Your Soul has a purpose unlike anyone else. Once you begin to courageously follow this task, you will be supported in every way, shape and form.

Nobody ever said that this path of exploration would be *EASY* but it will definitely be worth it in the end. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Who wants to tell the story at the retirement home, “Oh yeah, well I courageously worked in a dead-end job from 9-5 every day, came home exhausted, turned on the TV to distract myself from unhappiness and longings, only to do the same thing over again the next day. What soul-sucking bliss!”

No!!! No!!! Your soul screams, rippling in through the sound waves from another galaxy. We don’t want to hear the story about how your soul died a slow, sorrowful death … endured a life of quiet desperation, never used the power of heart and voice to speak up for it’s dreams, it’s worthy purpose. We want to hear about your heroic adventures … how you fearlessly slayed the dragon of demons and opposable forces within you that were saying, “No, you can’t, stop, surrender, settle already, will you?”

You are so much better and worthier than you think, my friend. If only you and I could fathom your expansiveness, greatness, possibility, strength, ability to love within and without, creativity, hope, inspiration together … But I’m sorry, for that is too great of a task. This is up to you in your silent hours of stillness and sitting within your being. This is up to you to make alliances within the movement of energy, thought, soul and divine light within.

You just have to *BELIEVE* in your heart, intuition and divine intervention.

Close your *eyes* and let yourself be *gently guided by your Soul*. You have to trust or else it will never take your hand. You have to believe in it’s powerful force or else it will never believe in You and your glory.

Trust. Trust. Believe. Act. and repeat.



*Image from depingo.deviantart.com


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